hair growth pills

There are thousands of products on the market that swear that they make your hair grow thick and long in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Most of these products may work, but may have negative side effects, not enough effect, or just not worth the bucks that you’re putting into it. Vitamins are for the most part, cheap, and they are very effective in helping your hair grow naturally and without any side effects.

Vitamins that help hair grow are zinc, sulfur, selenium, magnesium and iron. If you would like, you can buy these vitamins in pill form but it’s really not necessary. All of these vitamins can be found right in your daily diet if you are eating healthy. Of course, eating healthy is very important if you want healthy skin, hair, and body. Make sure you are eating all of the recommended food groups each day to help your hair grow even more. The two vitamins that you may not easily find in your diet are Biotin and Vitamin B. In this case, you can easily go to store and pick up these easy to find vitamins.

Another important factor in hair growth is to have omega fats. These omega fats includes Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. These fatty acids are usually found in nuts and fish. Some do, but most don’t have these fats in their everyday diet so they come in an easy to find pill. These Omega fats make your hair stronger, healthier and helps it grow longer.

So before going out and buying “miracle” cures for hair growth or products that swear they will help but has a list of negative side effects, give these everyday vitamins a try. They will not only promote hair growth, but help your hair grow stronger and promote overall heath.

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beard myths

I used to be a sucker for believing myths, but I started researching all “myths” I came into contact with once people started commenting on my beard and using them as a conversation starter. In this article, you’ll gain knowledge based off of my research – some of which was found on Most of these myths are harmless if you so choose to believe in them, but there are some myths that can be traumatizing for those that are more sensitive. Check out some of the top myths below – debunked!

Hair Continues to Grow After You Die

Come on – people really believe this? I will admit that I can be quite the gullible dude, but even I know that beards can’t grow after you die! Why you may ask? Simple: beards, and hair is general, are made out of keratin, which can literally only be produced when the organism is living. If you’ve seen a dead body before, or have had a discussion as such, you may notice that the hair appears longer when someone has passed. This is due to the skin not being as tight against the scalp, and the hair appearing longer due to dissolving from the body. While this myth is mostly tied to mythology with vampires, it was said that those who have this kind of issue post-mortem are indeed vampires. Welp, guess we’re all bloodsuckers!

Keratin Means a Longer Beard

Another myth which is surprisingly not so hard to believe; however, just because you ingest what your beard is made out of, doesn’t mean your beard is going to grow longer. It doesn’t matter if you ingest a product with a vitamin that claims to have keratin in it – this doesn’t mean you’re actually going to see hair growth. While keratin is what your hair and beard hair is made from, as well as your toenails. Does this mean you should go and eat your own toenails and hair? Nope – and eating keratin is just as effective as that.

Don’t worry, you don’t die from ingesting keratin; however, if you eat enough, you could suffer from the same bowel blockage issues that girls have when they eat a ton of their hair. Don’t become another medical statistic on a TLC medical show. It’s simply pseudo-science at best.

Your Beard is Full of Crap

Another one of the largest myths to hit the web within the last two years is the idea that your beard is full of poop. While it’s common for people to believe that bacteria and filth run amuck in one’s facial hair, it’s definitely a myth according to Unless you sit there and smear poop in your beard, and you never hop in the shower, this one is 100% a myth.

Your Beard Will Make You Overheat in the Summer

Last but not least, another myth that has run amuck in the world of myth-busting is the idea that beards will somehow make you a ton hotter in the summertime, like a full head of hair would. It’s in fact the opposite of this, and beards act as a cooling “agent” during these hotter times. Think of it this way: when you don’t wear a shirt in the summertime, your skin feels extremely hot from the sun beating down on it; however, when you wear a nice t-shirt, your skin is a bit cooler because it’s a bit more protected from the sun’s rays. The same is said for a face with a beard. Beards actually regulate your body temperature a bit better and help you cool down, rather than becoming too hot.

Keeping Your Beard Fresh and Clean

If you really want to avoid a beard full of crap, and you want to make sure your beard hair is actually growing, then you should invest in some great products that will help you do so. Some of these are what you should always have present in your toolkit:

Moisturizer – a great moisturizer will regulate oily faces, while helping those that are more flakey become a little bit less dry. In return, your face won’t itch as much, your oil can regulate a tad better, and you may see a decrease in acne or beard-druff (aka dandruff in your beard).

Beard oil – If you want to maintain your beard’s texture and promote a softer environment, you should look towards a beard oil. In having a softer environment, you won’t itch as much, and you’ll see an increase in being able to keep your beard maintained easily.

Facial Cleanser – One of the better products you can invest in as a beard owner is a facial cleanser. If you truly want to help maintain the integrity of your skin, face, and beard, you’ll have one in your tool kit that features herbal or natural ingredients. Try not to use chemicals on your face or else it may suffer.

While beards are fantastic to look at, and I feel pretty confident in mine, you’ll be investing quite a bit of time into maintaining the integrity of said beard.

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